What causes Obesity – Health Tips

If obesity is not caused by overeating or sitting, then how does it happen?

By the way, even experts have not been able to give a satisfactory answer as to why some people are obese.

There have been many studies on whether a person is obese or overweight, and each time a new cause has emerged.

It is mostly understood and said that the person who is fat is the one who prefers to sit all the time including eating more foods.

Some people are also told that their job is like this. They mostly sit in a chair and travel in a car, do no exercise, eat at their work table, which is why their I have gained weight


Obesity has certainly caused many problems around the world and is one of the leading causes of death in developed countries, including developing countries.

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It is estimated that 70% of people worldwide are currently obese or overweight, while those who prefer to be obese or hungry for a long time to lose weight also have different X-ray sizes. Do

Most people believe that a person’s lifestyle, eating habits, sitting, sleeping and not exercising all the time can lead to weight gain and obesity.

However, it has also been observed that there are some people in the world who eat all kinds of foods, do not do any X-rays, including sitting for a long time, but still they do not suffer from obesity.

Similarly, it has been observed that some people manage their X-rays including keeping their diet low, but they still suffer from obesity.

So the question arises as to why this happens and how and by what means a person becomes fat?

So one answer to this is that every human body is different and everyone’s ability to absorb nutrients and distribute food throughout the body is also unique.

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According to the experts , a person is actually fat due to some hormonal deficiency, which does not involve eating or sitting all the time.
Experts say that nature has created the human body on such a high scientific basis that everyone’s body feels its own needs and certain organs and hormones in the body fulfill every need by itself.

According to experts, every human body has a system for storing fat, which collects the fat from different foods in one place, after which the system can transfer the fat to these parts of the body when needed. Moves where they are needed.
Experts say that every human brain produces two hormones, leptin and gerlin, in terms of nutrition and appetite, which control the nutritional needs and systems of the human body. Food is needed, these are the hormones that help the human body store fat in the digestive system and transport it to other parts of the body.

Experts argue that sometimes a person eats foods that he is not ready to eat, but he is forced to eat them, which later causes problems.

Note: This article is for general information only. Readers should also consult their physician in this regard.

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