Points to remember before facial

Facials not only make the skin beautiful but it also calms the mind. It is recommended to have facials once or twice a month to clean the skin. Facials can sometimes cause red spots on the face and sometimes acne. There can be many reasons for this. There are a few things to keep in mind before having a facial. The reason for not getting results after facial may be that you have applied something on the face before facial after which facial reaction has taken place. To make the face beautiful and fresh after facial. Here are seven key pointers in moving forward.

Do not wax before facial
Wax stretches the surface of the skin. Immediate massage can damage the skin. If you need to get waxed, get it done at least 24 hours before the facial.

Stay away from the sun’s rays
Do not have a facial immediately after spending too much time in the hot sun. In this way, facial pigmentation on the skin due to sun rays is cured, but getting facial done immediately can also damage the skin. It takes some time for the sun to return to normal. If not, the anti-acne and anti-aging ingredients in facials can have a negative effect on the skin.

Do not do facials immediately after Botox
Botox is not yet as common in Pakistan as it is in European countries, but many people still use this method to get rid of facial wrinkles and freckles. However, keep in mind that Botox can be taken within 48 hours. Don’t take facials until. When an injection is applied to the face, the fluid injected from the massage can also go in the wrong direction into the skin, which can damage the skin.

Do not do any facial experiments before facial
We often use home remedies and tips to get rid of acne or soften the face. Which often benefits.

However, do not try any kind of cut on the face before facial. These tips fill the pores on the face so that the cream cannot find a place to enter.

Don’t wear artificial eyelashes
The cream or glue used to glue artificial lashes cannot be mixed or steamed for 48 hours. Glue sticks to the eyelids immediately after removing them. Therefore, it would not be right to do facial immediately after that.

Do not apply harsh chemical creams or lotions on the face
Some creams contain ingredients such as glycolic acid and retinol, which exfoliate the skin. This is why most post-facial reactions occur. If you don’t know what ingredients are in your cream, just apply a baby lotion on your face before going for a facial as a precaution.

If there is any wound on the face, do not take facial
If there is any injury or wound on the skin of the face, do not do facial until it heals. The chemicals in facial creams can make the injury worse.

If after all these precautions there is a reaction on the face, then either that facial is not right for your skin or the method of facial is wrong. Facial skin is very sensitive. It is important to take care of it!

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